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Le Rêve Films lut collection

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color for the luxury wedding filmmaker

Le Rêve films LUT collection

The LE RÊVE LUTs are the exclusive color grading LUTs used and developed by Le Rêve Films.  This pack includes 6 different presets to help you achieve a sophisticated look suitable for a luxury wedding filmmaker. 

  • Compatible with all major video editors including Davinci Resolve, FCPX, and Adobe Premiere
  • Works with most mirrorless and cinema cameras, including Game Boy Camera.
  • Includes six different LUT presets
  • Designed to be placed on top of Rec.709 footage or if filming in LOG, convert your footage first with a conversion LUT or BaseLUT from Gamut.

Le Rêve LUts


With Le Rêve LUT

With Gamut BaseLUT


The Le Rêve LUT Collection is designed to be placed on top of Rec.709 footage and adjusted from there to achieve the desired look.  However, if you're filming in a LOG profile, we've partnered with our friends at Gamut and have specifically engineered our presets to work best with the BaseLUTs From Gamut.  Their BaseLUTs are available for just about every camera brand and will convert your LOG footage to Rec709. 

LOG footage

Works With

The Le Rêve Films LUT Collection includes a total of six different presets.  Each one has its own specific purpose. They've all been engineered to excel in different lighting conditions and circumstances while still maintaining a consistent look. So whether you're in direct sun, an overcast day, or an over-the-top ballroom with tons of warm tungsten light, these presets have you covered. With that said, we encourage you to experiment and find the ones you like and that work best with your style and workflow.  

What's Included?

This is our standard and go-to LUT to achieve our signature look and always the first place we start.  With an emphasis on warm and natural skin tones, this lut features cool greens and white highlights.

le rÊve I

With it's soft highlights, warmer skin tones, and softer shadows, this preset was engineered for use in bright light and full sun. The Le Rêve II is also known for it's buttery yellows.

le rÊve II

The Le Reve II features a punch of vivid colors which is great for those overcast days when your footage needs that extra pop. It features cool greens and vibrant skin tones and is also great for sunset shots. 

le rÊve III

le rÊve IV

The Le Rêve IV is cool and contrasty. It's characteristics include soft and pastel skin tones with cool greens with rich and deep blacks.

Our fifth preset in the bunch was created exclusively for our use in dark ballrooms that contain a lot of tungsten and candle light. With desaturated oranges to counteract the warm tones of the room, it also features cooler highlights and earthy, romantic colors.  

le rÊve V

Every LUT pack needs a black and white preset, right? Well, here's ours. The Le Rêve VI is our signature black and white look that prioritizes true and deep blacks, leaving details in the highlights with soft midtones.  

le rÊve VI


The first release of the Le Rêve Films LUT Collection was available for a limited has concluded.  Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know if and when we decide to release them again.

limited release

LUTs are incredible tools that help filmmakers easily create a desired and consistent look for their videos.  But there are some important guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to using Le Rêve LUTs.

  • The Le Rêve Films LUTs work best with 10 bit LOG footage that has been converted to Rec.709 using the Gamut BaseLUTs.
  • It's impertinent to make sure white balance and exposure are correct before applying our LUTS. Improper white balance and exposure can have a huge impact on the way the LUT looks. 
  • Remember that using a LUT is only part of the equation to achieving a beautiful color grade.  You may still need to make small adjustments to your exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. to get the best results and the desired effect.  Le Rêve Films makes adjustments to their footage after applying the LUT to get the most consistent and optimal look.
  • Filming conditions can vary, such as lighting, weather, locations etc. which can affect the way a LUT looks.. Some LUTs will perform much better in different conditions. We recommend that you practice and experiment with which LUTs work best for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, about using our LUTs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at   

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