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Named by Harper's BAZAAR as one of the top wedding videographers in the world

Le RÊvE Films  is primarily made up  of husband and wife  duo Lindsey and Cherish Conklin.

This husband-wife duo launched Le Rêve Films in 2010 from the shared passion for traveling the world and transforming the magical memories from a couple’s nuptials into a visual tapestry that showcases their love story for a lifetime. Le Rêve takes pride in focusing on capturing the beauty, emotion and all the details in between from a couple’s wedding weekend, all the while, always portraying real, authentic love.

Over the last decade, their award-winning work has been featured in People, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, BRIDES, iHeart Radio, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more. Le Rêve Films has captured events and created content for clients like DJ Tiesto, Ashley and Jared from the Bachelor Nation, Engage!, The Knot, Marcy Blum Associates, Kleinfeld Bridal, and other high-profile celebrities, musicians, and athletes.

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I also, like many of our couples, crave exploration and new experiences. There is nothing more exciting to me than an early morning mimosa at an airport lounge! My two favorite travel moments thus far have to be staying in a cottage in Ireland with our two kids and discovering Banff with the love of my life, Lindsey. I have also become infatuated with the East Coast and would love to own a second home in Newport, Rhode Island and live that bicoastal life someday.

We are based in Southern California, near Temecula wine country. Serendipitously, our families both moved to the area when we were at the young age of three. With our location being such a small town, we met, grew to be best friends, and eventually fell in love. In August of 2006, Lindsey got down on one knee in in the exact spot where we first held hands and asked me (Cherish) to marry him.


My life often consists of to-do lists a mile long, spreadsheets galore, and all the editing I can handle.  And as much as I thrive in that kind of environment, I also need the little things in life that can stir up a deep feeling within that calms my mind and enlivens my heart. Some of my favorites include warm Sunday afternoons in wine country, a home filled with the scent of Mission Fig candles, and weekday evenings cooking dinner, glass of Caymus in hand and Leslie Odom Jr. on the Alexa.

Now, instead of spending most of my time inside an office, I’m on a plane to the next destination or outdoors enjoying one of my many hobbies. Some of my favorite activities include, backflipping into the Parker River, enjoying a craft cocktail with friends around a fire pit, camping with my kids in the desert, and playing music at my favorite local Mexican restaurant with all the chips and salsa my heart desires. You might also see me playing competitive corn hole somewhere…but we don’t need to talk about that.

I’m a dreamer. An achiever. A perpetual optimist. Growing up, I was always the kid who’d see something and say “Hey, I can do that!” My poor parents had to endure me taking on a new hobby or obsession every other month. One day I’m begging my parents for a drum set, the next day I’m juggling my mom’s kitchen knives. That optimism has always stuck with me. Before I went full time with Le Reve Films, I was an executive for e-commerce business. The achiever in me loved figuring out an industry I had no experience in and helping the company become one of the fastest growing companies in the country three years in a row. As enjoyable as that career path was, my heart was always with Le Rêve Films. So one day, while drinking Bloody Caesars on a patio overlooking the Bow River in Banff, the dreamer in me realized I wanted something more. More time and flexibility to enjoy more moments like that. Moments with my family. Moments enjoying the world around me. The decision was made to leave the corporate world and dive full time into Le Reve Films.

Since then, we have brought two remarkable children, Liam and Beckett, into this world. We love that we get to do this thing called life together as a team, and create relationships with some of the greatest people across the globe.


Cherish Conklin

Lindsey Conklin

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Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, genuinely passionate, with a taste for champagne and celebration. 


To distill both the physical beauty and the intangible emotion of our clients’ weddings into one stunning film.
We want every film to be a dream our couples can revisit.  We take a laid back approach that puts our couples at ease and makes them comfortable enough to live the biggest day of their lives in front of our cameras.

our mission and philosophy

We prioritize and value being...

We value the personalities of our clients and letting them shine on film.


We value an event's true essence so that clients can revisit a feeling while watching.


We’re all about capturing the big moments of roaring joy and the small moments of quiet euphoria.


We’re in touch with our feelings and the feelings of those around us, enabling us to capture all things beautiful and authentic.


We value the underlying joy and fun that makes our films come to life, and we seek to infuse the feeling of celebration into our work.


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