Just Launched Our New Website!

We just launched our new website (hope you love it!) and are going to dive into this blog world I hear spoken of so often. I wanted to tackle it a little differently for my first post and talk about something that I am very passionate about when it comes to capturing weddings…getting ready footage.

Many don’t understand the importance of having their cinematographer or photographer present during this time. Here are a few reasons why filming our couples getting ready for their big day is my absolute favorite.

Last Time Apart

This is the last time our bride and groom will be apart on their wedding day. There are so many emotions flying around during this time. Anticipation, nervousness, excitement… Wouldn’t you want to be able to look back and see what your groom or your bride was doing during those few hours? How were they handling the nerves?


As you are getting ready and sharing these last precious moments with your parents, your siblings, your best friends, we are there capturing it all.They tend to be some of the most moving parts of your film and create some pretty incredible shots.


This extra time (before things start moving fast) creates a perfect opportunity for us to connect with our couples. If we weren’t with you during this time, the first time you would be seeing us would be behind a camera, as you were walking down the isle. By spending time with you before the ceremony and getting to know you more, we’re able to ease not only your mind but also that of your family and friends. And lets face it, doesn’t everyone want to feel relaxed on their wedding day?

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